Sgouros, Leo

Sgouros, Leo
   Byzantine administrator of Nauplia who carved out an independent state for himself in the northeast Peloponnesos (q.v.) from 1201 until his death in 1207. His was one of several revolutions (like that of Ivanko [q.v.]) that occurred as Alexios III's (q.v.) regime disintegrated. Sgouros first seized Nauplia, then Argos and Corinth (q.v.). The Fourth Crusade's (q.v.) conquest of Constantinople (q.v.) produced a brief power vacuum in the Peloponnesos that allowed Sgouros to attack Athens (q.v.), where Michael Choniates (q.v.) defended the Acropolis. Thebes (q.v.) was captured and Thessaly (q.v.) fell under his sway. However, with the arrival of Boniface Montferrat (q.v.) Sgouros was forced to flee to the Acrocorinth, where he died under siege in 1207.

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